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We intend to start from the ground, our ground, exploiting the resources that it offers us.

  1. Silk. A short but concise term, sweet and disruptive. Yet behind these four alphabetical signs they lie centuries of history, and not only.[ampersand]nbsp; Silk is known to be always a luxury fabric, used to make clothes, the garments, and damasks of the rich and powerful people.[ampersand]nbsp; But its biological origin is very simple.
  2. Nido di Seta’s textile production reflects the antique artisan traditions of the area. The golden thread is worked on antique looms whose four heddles beat to the rhythm of a “sliding shuttle.” All the products are made with raw silk which ensures their quality and uniqueness and ensures environmental sustainability.
  3. We are happy to offer our guests the opportunity to enjoy a homemade lunch served either inside our renovated farm building or outside beneath the canopy of a centuries-old pine tree.In keeping with our dedication to preserving local traditions, our dishes are entirely organic with everything coming from either our personal vegetable gardens or from local producers. We’ve reinterpreted traditional Calabrese dishes that will entice our visitors with the flavor, colors and scent of our Calabria.)
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Passion & Nature

we do not want to live in places where you no longer see the sky!
Miriam Pugliese

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